Privacy is a website and IRC server owned and operated by Paul Martz. These computing services are provided free of charge to the RP and Ushers community in the hopes that they might be useful.

Information We Collect

We log IP addresses, connection date and time, pages accessed, browser and IRC client identifiers, the nick you specify in your IRC client, and possibly other information. We collect this information as part of the normal HTTP and IRC logging process. This data is stored indefinitely. The data may be reviewed for testing, debugging, and other purposes as we see fit. But to be completely honest, the information is way boring. We don’t even look at this stuff most of the time,

NickServ Data

If you register a nick, all information you submit is stored on our servers, except your password, which is stored in an encrypted form.


We do not log IRC chat conversations. That brilliantly witty comment you made last week is gone forever.

Selling Information

We do not sell or give away any of the information we collect.


We have taken reasonable measures to ensure the security of our systems and data. Our systems can only be accessed using standard HTTP and IRC protocols, and the data we collect are not exposed through those protocols.